is your Premier Electronic Cigarette supplier for Pompano Beach and surrounding Broward county

Located at 1430 E Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL 33060

We carry SMOK, Atmos, Crazy Cloudz, Heaven Lube E-Liquid, NAKED e-liquid,

JUUL, Juno 12, Tanks, Batteries, Coils, Chargers, DRY and WAX Vaporizers! and..KRATOM!

We have the largest selection of Kratom in the South Florida area.

Choose from powdered form, capsules, and liquid concentrated forms as well.

We carry Earth Kratom, OPMS, Kratom Kaps, Edens Ethnos Whole Herbs & Remarkable Herbs

We also carry a large selection of Glass Pipes, Rolling Papers, Scales, RAW, Tips, Torches,

Helix Pipes, High Voltage Detox (Double Flush), Glass Cleaner

We also carry a large selection of

Hookas, Shisha, Charcoals and accessories

Our staff has the knowledge and experience

to assist you with your decisions.

We take the time to find the right combination

of the products mentioned above

We can order any product we do not carry,

We provide friendly and knowledgeable service

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