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The Atmos Optimus is exclusively designed for oils and e-liquids (or e-juices) and some tinctures or W A X Y O IL, Despite its cheaper price tag, the Optimus 510 vape pen by Atmos comes in a high-quality build that’s elegantly packaged in a pen-style kit. Like the Atmos Raw vaporizer, the Optimus 510 comes with a strong rechargeable Lithium battery for a vaping experience that lasts for three hours in between charges. But after that comes an entirely different form and function. The Atmos Optimus vaporize heats up your essential o i l s and eliquids fairly quickly with its unique heating element or atomizer, powered by a Lithium batter Design The Atmos Optimus vapor pen was designed with a transparent cartridge designed to show you the remaining contents left in the chamber. This makes sure your aware of how much you have left and gives you time to make sure your always hitting good quick hits when you want.


Minimum purchase 2 pieces you can choose 2 different color or both same color